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Here are just a few things you will get inside Elite Speed Academy:

  • How to build a real foundation of strength, power and explosive speed without exposing yourself to injury
  • The correct way to perform speed drills, tested with real life athletes who earn a living playing sports …
  • Specific feedback cues to identify whether you are doing a drill properly and how to know within seconds if you aren’t
  • The best warm-up drills to wake up commonly sleepy muscles keeping you from running your fastest
  • How to properly perform mechanic drills so you don’t just look cool doing them but actually get faster
  • Muscle viruses lurking in your body that are shutting down your ability to be explosive
  • The right way to perform plyometrics so you don’t mess up your joints
  • How to align your body the right way before a sprint… this is probably the biggest determining factor in whether you beat your defender… a bad start always means a bad finish
  • Why traditional strength training kills your ability to run and what to do instead so you get faster
  • And much, much more...

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Here's what a few of my athletes have to say:

Dante Bichette Jr.

I tested out in Spring Training with a 29″ Vertical and in just one short off-season with Chris, I was able to retest this past season at a 36.5″. It literally turned heads of the entire Yankee organization with that increase in one season.

Final Result – 29″ to 36.5″

Dante Bichette Jr. New York Yankees
Kyle Collins

I picked up a basketball in 9th grade and being so late in the game I never thought I would play at a higher level, let alone see the court on my high school team.  From not touching the rim to dunking in games junior year, Chris’s vertical program gave me one edge while I thoroughly learned the game.  Having explosive vertical power translated into every aspect on the court.

Final Result – 22″ to 39″

Kyle Collins Collegiate Basketball Player
Matt Pippin

For real, I didn’t think I was going to reach my goal of dunking in high school.  I tried 3 other trainers in our area before I linked up with Chris.  The rest is history, with every single month I was gaining inches until I was able to punch it in almost every game senior year.

Final Result – 26″ to 37″

Matt Pippin High School Basketball Player
Adaris Bellamy

Getting ready for the combine some scouts place a heavy emphasis on your explosive power.  Not only did I hit PR’s in the vertical in 3 months but I did it while gaining 12 lbs of muscle through this program.

Final Result – 34″ to 37″

Adaris Bellamy Collegiate Football Player

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It might be hard to follow ESA without all the videos that come along with the COMPLETE program. That is why you're only paying $19. You'll have to do some of your own research in order to get the most out of this program.

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